Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animation Weekend!

So, I guess I'll be update frequently with all of the animations I'm working on. This weekend was nice because all I really had to do was animate. Got a bit done, too!

I made the throw more clear in the clown animation. I still haven't inbetweened that part, so it's a bit choppy. Just wanted to make sure it read. I also tweaked some stuff in the other parts. Made the run in faster, and made his legs scramble at the end. Overall I like how it's coming.

I finished the puppet tests for that genie animation. pretty excited about how flexible they turned out to be. There are parts where it's a little obvious that they're symbols, but overall there's chance for more life than one would think.

I also got a chance to do more of that sprite animation. It's for the credit sequence of a 3D short some friends and I have been working on. I'll be sure to post it up once that's done

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