Saturday, April 18, 2009

24 Hour Chalenge

So, I got first place in the 24 hour challenge! Woohoo!

the 24 hour challenge is where the animation majors at my school get together and spend the night at the school. While there they have 24 hours to do any of the specified challenges. One of the challenges was a 12 second traditional animation. I started this around 9 AM on Friday morning, and finished around 5 AM Saturday morning (with very frequent breaks).


Sephaiden said...

Oh dang, good stuff man!
This is really good... I enjoyed the body language haha!
One thing I'm wondering tho... prolly cause the pencil was so light, but what is it that he's trying to get?

Marty Walker said...

Yeah, there's this little statue on a pedestal that's on a second layer. The camera didn't really pick it up.