Thursday, March 26, 2009

Laugh with me, Jocko!

I don't know why I've been drawing Freakazoid stuff so much. This one was really fun to do; I haven't used charcoal in ages. This is a Gutierrez, one of Freakazoid's enemies.

I couldn't find my digital camera so I had to scan it which is why it seems so cramped. There's about half an inch of drawing that got cut off.


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Sephaiden said...

Sup Marty!
Tis I, Aaron! I've FINALLY figured out how to blog haha, and am parousing (if thats even a word) around blogs, finding people I know!

Anywho, awesome stuff man! Charcoal is an interesting medium... I've seen some INSANE stuff done with it! Look up "Napoleoman" on Deviant art and u'll see what I mean. >_O

Ahh right! One last thing! Here's my blog link thing, in case u wanted to know:

Check it out, and comment haha! I shall try to update it as much as possible... but I've been told that it wont last for very long O_o
Haha, ahh... I shall break this blog-stopping curse then!

~Grace and Peace!